Over 50 Years of Family Owned Tree Service in Austell

A fast growing community in the Atlanta area, there is lots of development going on in Austell. With new homes being built a lot of trees are put at risk of construction damage, working with a Certified Arborist to plan your construction helps keep trees safe and healthy!

Since James H. Heath, Jr. founded J.H. Heath Tree service back in 1959, we have cared for Atlanta’s trees and serviced our great communities.  As a third generation family-run business we continue to serve many of the same customers and their families with courtesy, care and professionalism that has grown a loyalty with our clientele rooted in trust.

While our commercial business takes us all over the Southeast, we focus and dedicate our residential services to the city of Atlanta, its neighborhoods and surrounding suburb.  This gives us a keen advantage to caring for and treating your trees in a challenging urban environment and ensures that they remain safe, healthy and beautiful for generations to come.

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