Will it ever end? Probably not!

By Jim HeathRemoval, Urban TreesComments are off

As many may know, Atlanta is known as the “City in a Forest”. But lately, with development at a high, we are seeing a drastic increase in tree removal for the sake of property building.

From a recent Atlanta Journal Constitution article, Bill Torpy discusses that 75% of Atlanta’s tree canopy exists on residential properties.

With million dollar “McMansions” being built all over our neighborhoods including Brookhaven, Chastain, and Virginia Highlands, developers will do whatever it takes to maximize space on their lots. Even if that includes removing all the trees from a single property! These developers are more willing to pay the city of Atlanta’s fine than worry about planting more trees to cover the losses.

Even with planting new trees, these small trees will have a significantly lesser impact on our city’s environment in comparison to the 100-year-old trees that are being removed in some circumstances.

And the worst part? These developers only pay fines if their caught! Causing many of them to send crews out on Sunday mornings or odd hours of the day to do their tree work in the hopes to dodge a couple fines. So, the best way we can combat this tragedy is: If you see something, say something! First, ask to see their tree-removal permit. If they do not provide this for you, contact your local city arborist if you feel that trees are be being cut down illegally by a developer, homebuilder, or even homeowner. By doing this, hopefully we can get these developers to rethink their actions and save our trees!

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