5 Warning Signs – Before Your Tree Falls

By Jim HeathDiseases, Removal, TipsWith 0 comments
  1. Cavity or hole in trunk – A cavity could indicate that the tree is dangerous or has decay.
  2. Rotten wood or roots – Mushrooms and other fungi growing on the tree and around the base is a clue at the tree is rotting inside.
  3. Missing bark or cracks in the trunk – An area with missing bark could be a a sign of canker, gash, or decaying wood.
  4. Visible dead branches – Keep an eye out for visible dead branches as your tree leafs out, lots of dead branches could be a sign of trouble.
  5. Leaning – Trees that lean more than 15 degrees past vertical are at high-risk to fail and fall.

If your tree is showing any of these signs, you may have a dangerous tree. Call us today at 404.261.5000 for an estimate to remove your tree!

Example Trees:

Cavity or Hole in Tree Trunk

Damaged Tree

Leaning Tree

Split Tree