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Tree Services

Atlanta Tree Services by ISA Certified Arborists

At Heath Tree Service, we are educated in the hazards that accompany the presence of dead or damaged trees. Not only do dead and damaged trees look bad, they also present a risk of falling and causing damage. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee that our tree removal service will safely, efficiently and correctly remove any fallen, dead, and/or damaged trees.  And with our professional services, you can expect that no mess nor debris will be left behind.

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning


Insects & Diseases

Our Year Round Services Promote Healthy and Safe Arbors for your Property

We also provide Atlanta with tree services that will help treat any problems and keep your trees attractive and healthy. Our services include removal, pruning & trimming, cabling & bracing, fertilization, and treating and preventing diseases and insect damage. Whether it’s moving, disposing of or simply cutting down trees, our tree services can help protect your property.