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09 Jun

Warning: Not-So-Magical Mushrooms

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Tis the season of fungus. Warm, humid weather promotes the spread and cultivation of fungus and root rots that attack weak or declining trees. Read on to find out more about Ganoderma root rot which is common in Oak, Maple, Ash, Elm, and other hardwood trees. What is Ganoderma root rot? Ganoderma is a fungus

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28 May

Do I Have Ambrosia Beetles?

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What is an Ambrosia Beetle? Ambrosia Beetles are in the weevil family, they live in nutritional symbiosis with Ambrosia fungi. They are opportunists who attack weak, dying, or dead trees. The female beetle lands on the dying or stressed tree and bores a tiny hole, tunneling into the heartwood of the tree where she will lay

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