Fall Tree Checklist

By Hillary HeathSeasonal, TipsComments are off

Before it gets cold, head outside to help your trees prepare for the winter ahead and encourage healthy growth next spring. Here are some tips:

  1. Inspect – Take a close look at your trees, keep an eye out for dead, dying, or diseased branches or trees. Prune or remove them now before they become a problem later.
  2. Fall Fertilization – Fertilizing now will help to replace vital nutrients in the soil lost this summer. It also helps trees to continue to feed over the winter and improve resistance to damage by disease or insects.
  3. Get Ready for the Cold – Prepare now by pruning trees in the fall. It is easily done with less or no leaves which expose the structure underneath. Fall pruning also reduces the risk of problems from extreme weather like ice or snow.
  4. Give Them A Drink – Water your trees now to help relieve summer heat and stress. Make sure they are well hydrated for the winter and don’t forget to mulch your trees.
If your trees need to get ready for fall, call Heath Tree Service and an ISA Certified Arborist will be happy to help you get your tree prepared for the colder months.