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It doesn’t take an expert to know when a tree has fallen.

However many of the common problems, insects and diseases aren’t as obvious to tree owners.  That’s why we’ve compiled these resources to aid you, as a tree owner, to be the first line of tree care.  Use these to better understand the types of trees on your property, typical problems with trees in urban environments like Atlanta and pesky invaders that can find their way onto your property long before a tree is in jeopardy of coming down.  Tree removal is the last problem that a tree experiences and we at J.H. Heath want to help you avoid the unnecessary dangers and costs associated with it.

Don’t forget that regularly scheduled maintenance, trimming and pruning also promotes healthy, happy and beautiful trees and provides you with early identification and recognition of problems that can be treated or even avoided.  By using these resources and employing our ISA certified arborists and maintenance staff you can protect the safety, health and beauty of your trees.

Typical Tree Problems in Atlanta

Common Trees of Atlanta

Common Insects & Diseases in GA