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When should I prune?
The best time to prune hardwood trees is in the winter. This is called a “hard prune”. In the winter the tree goes into a dormant state and pruning allows the tree time to heal and direct its growth.

When should I mulch/pine straw?
Mulching is best done in the spring when the weather gets warmer to keep your tree properly irrigated. Mulch should be around ¾ of an inch thick and should not touch the base of the tree. This allows for airflow and directs moisture away from the trunk of the tree, preventing fungus from moisture.

How do I know if a tree is a problem?
“Problem” trees are typically dead or dying trees. If you notice a lot of dead branches, have limbs break during storms, the tree didn’t leaf out this Spring, or you spot a lot of dying leaves on your trees your tree may be in decline. Mushrooms and other things growing on the tree are warning signs, call an Arborist. It is always better to be safe when dealing with trees on your property, if you have any concerns about a tree call a Certified Arborist to perform an inspection.

Can I get wood chips/mulch from you?
Yes, we have free wood chips for delivery to a limited area.

Do you sell firewood?
Yes, in the Winter we sell premium seasoned hardwood.

Do I need a permit to cut down my tree?
Trees in the city limits of Atlanta are protected and you must have a permit from the city Arborist to remove them. If you need a hazardous tree removed, Heath Tree Service can help obtain a permit before beginning work on your property. Other municipalities have similar tree ordinances in place, check for your local ordinance before beginning tree work.

Do you do spikeless pruning?
Yes! Pruning with spikes injures your tree beyond just bark layers, this type of damage can open a wound allowing an entry point for insects, decay and moisture, and disease. We want your trees to be healthy and beautiful after we prune them.