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31 May

Will it ever end? Probably not!

By Jim HeathRemoval, Urban TreesComments are off

As many may know, Atlanta is known as the “City in a Forest”. But lately, with development at a high, we are seeing a drastic increase in tree removal for the sake of property building. From a recent Atlanta Journal Constitution article, Bill Torpy discusses that 75% of Atlanta’s tree canopy exists on residential properties.

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31 Mar

Stop Topping Trees!

By Hillary HeathTipsComments are off

What you don’t know is killing your trees. They’re everywhere around Atlanta – disfigured, ugly trees. I’m referring to the misguided practice of topping trees. In fact, the practice is harmful and a crime against nature. In this article you will find helpful information about this poor pruning choice and awful practice.   What is

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12 Oct

How to Spot a Dangerous Tree

By Jim HeathTipsComments are off

Every year falling trees cause deaths and property damage. As a result, homeowners get scared of big trees and remove them. Sometimes this is not the best course of action; however, most people want to protect themselves and their property. So where do you turn and what can you do? Here are some recommendations from

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16 Sep

Fall Tree Checklist

By Hillary HeathSeasonal, TipsComments are off

Before it gets cold, head outside to help your trees prepare for the winter ahead and encourage healthy growth next spring. Here are some tips: Inspect – Take a close look at your trees, keep an eye out for dead, dying, or diseased branches or trees. Prune or remove them now before they become a

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24 Aug

Storm Damage: Are my trees at risk?

By Hillary HeathPrevention, StormsComments are off

Storms do not cause tree problems, they reveal them. Trees falling in thunderstorms are common, with the vast majority of these trees having some predisposing factor that led to the failure. Tree branches failing during storms is the most common problem, this can result in hazardous hanging branches. Whole Tree Failure Whole tree failure occurs

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11 Aug

Unnecessary Tree Removal

By Hillary HeathRemoval, Urban TreesComments are off

At Heath Tree Service, we believe in preserving Atlanta’s urban forest. Atlanta, on average, receives $1.9 million annually in tree removal recompense, according to Atlanta Magazine. A tree removal recompense is a dollar amount paid by contractors and homeowners who remove healthy trees for construction or landscaping reasons or for removing a tree illegally without a

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21 Jul

Atlanta: The City in a Forest

By Hillary HeathCool Tree Facts, Urban TreesComments are off

Did you know Atlanta has the country’s densest urban tree canopy? According to a study done by the Atlanta Tree Conservation Commission and GA Tech, the tree canopy covers 47.9% of Atlanta. The National Forest Service has deemed Atlanta “the most heavily forested urban area in the country”. The national average for a city’s tree canopy is

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01 Jul

Hazardous Tree Removal

By Hillary HeathRemovalComments are off

A dead or declining tree on your property is not only an eyesore, but it can also become a hazard to your property. Rainy summer months with strong winds and storms can cause your dead or declining tree to break apart or fail, leaving your home and property at risk. A hazardous tree is easy to

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18 Jun

June is Safety Month

By Hillary HeathPruning, Removal, Seasonal, TipsComments are off

Tree work is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have. There are lots of risks involved in tree pruning and removal. The Tree Care Industry Association, or TCIA, releases accident reports each month detailing industry and homeowner injuries. Last year, 60% of reported civilian tree work accidents were fatal. Of the industry accidents reported in

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