Fall Needle Drop

By Hillary HeathSeasonalComments are off

As a conifer gets older is will begin to lose needles like a deciduous tree loses leaves.

Losing needles in the fall is completely normal for most mature conifers.

Normal needle drop occurs towards the middle of the branch or the interior of the tree.

The new growth on the tips of the branch hold their needles and shed the older ones. In evergreen conifers, like Pine, Spruce, and Fir, the interior needles will turn yellow and begin to drop in the fall. This needle drop should occur uniformly from top to bottom.

Unusual needle drop could be a sign of fungus or canker.

If your conifers are dropping more needles than usual this fall check for the warning signs of a diseased tree. Look for whole branches that are yellow or brown and dying throughout the tree. Check the branches for tiny resin droplets or cut open a branch and look for dead, brown wood under the bark.

Think you are experiencing unusual needle drop?

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