Types of Pruning and Trimming

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Tree pruning and trimming is often done for a variety of reasons that range from improving the health of your trees to wanting to make them and the surrounding area safer.

It makes sense to home-owners and businesses to prune trees because it not only improves the look and value of your property, but also benefits the trees in several ways. To see the ways pruning benefits you and your trees check out our article  here.

What is pruning?

Pruning is the technical word for what many call “tree trimming”. Pruning is the removal of branches to remove dead, dying, or decaying branches, remove water sprout growth (suckers), to make the tree safer, to encourage or restrict growth in certain areas for practical reasons, and to make trees more aesthetically pleasing.

What are the types of pruning?

  • Deadwooding – Pruning to remove dead, dying, and decaying branches only is called “deadwooding”. This is the most practical type of pruning and should be done regularly to keep your trees healthy and safe.
  • Thinning – This type of pruning is used to thin out the trees canopy. A tree climber, following the advice of a Certified Arborist, will selectively remove branches to “thin” the canopy of the tree. Thinning allows air and wind to pass through the tree, reducing the risk of falling or branches breaking in storms. It also allows sunlight to reach the plants and grass below and air to flow freely between the branches.
  • Raise canopy – Trimming a tree in this way removes the bottom branches to raise the trees canopy. This would be done to remove an obstruction raise a tree above a walkway or driveway or to allow sunlight to reach grass and plants below the tree.
  • Canopy cleaning – Heath Tree Service specializes in canopy cleaning. This is the most thorough type of pruning or trimming. A climber removes all dead, dying, or decaying wood, removes all sucker and sprout growth in the canopy, and removes branches to maintain the trees natural form or direct growth. A Certified Arborist can determine how to prune your trees to get the shape and direction of growth that is best for your home or business.

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